Our founder Mr. Hasan İrtem was born in Hayrabolu in 1942. He graduated from Süleymanpasa Primary school in Tekirdağ and afterwards from Tekirdağ Erkek Sanat Okulu which was one of the most respectful technical highschools at its time. In 1967 he started his own business which was a jobshop in Hayrabolu. This was the beginning of the İrtem Agri Machinery Co.’s history.

İrtem converted the high quality and good look into a kind of art in his business. Today with it’s 200 employees the company  is producing and selling the agricultural machinery to the domestic and international markets via his dealers which is more than a hundred.

As well as being an owner of this company Mr. İrtem was always involved with social and civil projects and organisations. Because of being intrested in these issues he took active responsibilities.

These can be listed as :

2009 – 2014 : Mr. İrtem  was the major of his hometown Hayrabolu for 5 years

1968–1972  : Mr. İrtem was the vice president of the managing board of Hayrabolu Small&Medium Sized  Industrial Companies 

1974–1990 : Mr. Irtem was the member of the council of Hayrabolu Tradesman Cooperative

1972–1980 : Mr İrtem was the member of the council of Hayrabolu City Hall

1980–2006 : Mr İrtem was the member of the managing board of TARMAKBİR which is the association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Dealers. The headquarter of this association is in Ankara the capital city of Turkey.  

2005–2009 : Mr. İrtem was the vice president of the Chamber of Hayrabolu Trade and Industry 

2005 -          : Mr İrtem is still the member of the council of the Organisez Industrial Zone of Hayrabolu

2008 -          : Mr. İrtem is still the partner of the company ORTKA which has 11 shareholders all based in Hayrabolu and all in agricultural machinery industry.